Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why the Denver Broncos will beat the Detroit Lions on Sunday

The Detroit Lions surprised many, including myself when they started the season 5-0.

Two weeks later and reality has set in for the Lions as they are now 5-2 after losses to San Francisco and Atlanta.

The Denver Broncos meanwhile are hyped after the Tebow Magic that occurred last Sunday against Miami.

Tim Tebow, who played an awful 54 minutes, engineered some magic with the Broncos down 15-0.

He lead the team to two touchdown drives and a two point conversion in the closing seconds of regulation while Matt Prater was clutch from 52 yards out to give the Broncos the 18-15 overtime win.

Tebow definitely will have to play well in more than six minutes of Sundays game if the Broncos have a chance against the Lions though.

I am behind Tebow and think he will continue that Magic.

The game is at Mile High so that's a plus for Broncos fans as the inspired crowd will be on Tebows side.

The Broncos might not have much running game other than Tebow though as Willis McGahee will be out 1-4 weeks with a broken bone in his hand. Knowshon Moreno will get the start and has seen limited action this season, rushing 17 times for 54 yards.

Here is why I think the Broncos will win.

Matthew Stafford the Lions starting quarterback is out, the Lions are showing that the 5-0 start was a fluke, and their players have nothing better to do than taunt the opposing teams quarterback when he is on the field in pain after an injury as they did when Matt Ryan was hurt in last Sundays game against Atlanta.

The Broncos have all the momentum right now after the victory over the Dolphins.

It will be a close one, but I think the Broncos will beat the Lions 17-14 to send them into their bye week looking for answers.

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  1. Wow FRANK THE TANK taking a chance on a blog!!! I love seeing you call for an upset! Thats great and I hope you are right. But Staford has been in practice today and it looks like Elvis Dumervil might be out...That could really hurt us. I want a cold wheather game and I want Sean Hill to start for the Lions. I'm not counting the Lions out yet, and I am not fully behind Tebow yet. He has to show me more. If you are correct, I will be impressed and might have to start having some faith. Good blog though. I like you getting ballsy with calling upsets. Denver needs FAITH!