Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why the Denver Broncos will beat the Detroit Lions on Sunday

The Detroit Lions surprised many, including myself when they started the season 5-0.

Two weeks later and reality has set in for the Lions as they are now 5-2 after losses to San Francisco and Atlanta.

The Denver Broncos meanwhile are hyped after the Tebow Magic that occurred last Sunday against Miami.

Tim Tebow, who played an awful 54 minutes, engineered some magic with the Broncos down 15-0.

He lead the team to two touchdown drives and a two point conversion in the closing seconds of regulation while Matt Prater was clutch from 52 yards out to give the Broncos the 18-15 overtime win.

Tebow definitely will have to play well in more than six minutes of Sundays game if the Broncos have a chance against the Lions though.

I am behind Tebow and think he will continue that Magic.

The game is at Mile High so that's a plus for Broncos fans as the inspired crowd will be on Tebows side.

The Broncos might not have much running game other than Tebow though as Willis McGahee will be out 1-4 weeks with a broken bone in his hand. Knowshon Moreno will get the start and has seen limited action this season, rushing 17 times for 54 yards.

Here is why I think the Broncos will win.

Matthew Stafford the Lions starting quarterback is out, the Lions are showing that the 5-0 start was a fluke, and their players have nothing better to do than taunt the opposing teams quarterback when he is on the field in pain after an injury as they did when Matt Ryan was hurt in last Sundays game against Atlanta.

The Broncos have all the momentum right now after the victory over the Dolphins.

It will be a close one, but I think the Broncos will beat the Lions 17-14 to send them into their bye week looking for answers.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tebow Time arrives in Denver but Broncos fall short in rally

Down 23-10 at halftime to the San Diego Chargers, change was needed to spark the Broncos.

Insert Tim Tebow, who relieved an ineffective Kyle Orton to cheers and chants from the Broncos crowd.

Orton, went 6 of 13 for a dismal 34 passing yards and one interception in the first half.

Things in the second half started slowly in Tebow Time.

The Broncos punted on their first three possessions under Tebow before the former Florida star scored on a 12-yard run as Orton clapped from the sideline. Willis McGahee's 2-point conversion cut San Diego's lead to 26-18 with 6½ minutes left.

"He came and gave us a spark," McGahee said. "That's Tim Tebow. Everybody has been cheering for him for the longest. Now he finally got in and moved the ball for us."

Under Tebow's tutelage, the Broncos looked re-energized and almost upset the Chargers in losing 29-24.

Tebow ran for a touchdown and threw for another after replacing Orton, to start the third quarter and had one final shot for the win before his pass fell incomplete in the end zone on the final play.

"Tim Tebow sparked the team today. (But) we haven't had a chance to watch the tape, we haven't had a chance to watch the film, we haven't had a chance to visit as a staff," Coach John Fox said. "So, I think at this point -- we have a bye week -- we do need to improve offensively, and it will all be up for discussion."

The game wasn't as close on paper though as the Broncos were out-gained 418 yards to 205 yards by the Chargers.

The Chargers inconsistencies in the redzone however, almost cost them the victory.

The team was 1-5 in the redzone and had to rely on the leg of kicker Nick Novak.

Novak was a perfect 5-for-5 in field goal attempts for the day.

Denver could easily be 4-1 at this point but sit 1-4 going into the bye week.

The Broncos offense definitely needs to improve otherwise this will be a long season.

One thing is for certain though, after Tebows' inspirational performance in rallying the team, you would be stupid to not stick with him as your starting quarterback.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Aaron Rodgers has career day as Packers rout Broncos

Let's get realistic here.

The Chances of the Denver Broncos beating the Green Bay Packers on Sunday were probably about as good as predicting the Detroit Lions would be 4-0 to start the season.

Sure, highly unlikely, although the Lions are indeed 4-0 after surviving in Dallas.

However, all optimism aside, I am sure most thought the Broncos would put on a better showing than they did in Sunday's 49-23 loss to the Packers.

Don't look too much into the score, the game wasn't that close.

In an effort in which the "Denver Post" coined "Laugher" the Broncos might just be the laughing-stock of the NFL. Knowshon Moreno even fell off a stationary bike during the game.

Who knows what was in the water, I wonder if anyone checked for empties after that

All joking aside, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers accounted for 6 touchdowns and had a career day in passing for 408 yards.

Rodgers had a field day in what looked more like a Madden video game was being played .

The Broncos, meanwhile were plagued by turnovers and a defensive letdown.

Denver had 4 turnovers in the game, which led to 21 Green Bay points.

Denver quarterback Kyle Orton threw for 273 yards with three touchdowns and three interceptions and receiver Eric Decker caught a pair of touchdowns for the Broncos.

"I thought our offense was very impressive, other than the turnovers," Coach John Fox said. "It wasn't all the quarterback (Kyle Orton). It was all of us."

In my opinion, had the Broncos made a stop before halftime the momentum would of been theirs and I think the game would of played out differently in the second half.

The Packers scored a touchdown in the closing seconds of the first half and romped down the field to begin the third quarter to score another touchdown to put the game away.

The Broncos rallied early after being down 21-3 in a first half, that included a Green Bay onside recover which led to a touchdown. They cut the deficit to 21-17 with 3:21 left in the first half and that was as close as it would get for the Broncos.

The Broncos face another tough test next Sunday when the San Diego Chargers come to Mile High.

The Chargers, are 3-1 off their victory over the winless Miami Dolphins.

It could prove to be another long day and laughable affair next weekend for Broncos fans as well.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Tim Tebow debate has risen to a new level, thanks to a billboard

This is just getting ridiculous now.

Earlier in the Denver Broncos season, after struggling in week one against the Oakland Raiders, there were Tim Tebow Chants and fans so upset that they were willing to put up billboards proclaiming to Coach John Fox that Tebow be the starter.

The billboard has gone up, just 2 days before a crucial matchup against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

The Denver Post "First and Orange" blog, was first to report of the large digital billboard, at the intersection of 58th and Logan, just east of 1-25 North of Downtown Denver.

The billboard was erected by the employees of Multiline International Imports and is located near that business.

The digital board, with rotating images, says “Broncos Fans to John Fox: Play Tebow!” The image then rotates to show a picture of Tebow coming out of the tunnel at the Broncos’ stadium.

Now I will admit, I am a Tebow fan, but although I know Bronco Nation is full of diehard fans, I think the historic move to erect a billboard to herd change is absurd.

It would be best if Denver Broncos fans would let Coach Fox and his staff focus on Football and winning games instead of worrying about pleasing the fans.

The Broncos, although at 1-2 could easily be 3-0 and starting quarterback Kyle Orton, although inconsistent at times, has not performed at the level where a change is needed, yet.

Tebow's time will come whether it is in Denver or with some other NFL team.

For now, the Broncos faithful should focus on rallying the team to victory.

Instead of stirring up a quarterback controversy.